On Sunday, Me and Courtney headed to the Musee d’Art Moderne to see the Basquiat exhibit. Of course, we were supposed to go for the past three days and had never made it. We were also supposed to get there at 10am to avoid lines. We ended up showng up at 2pm to see the line was literally 3 blocks down.

Being our typical American selves we start complaining loudly about the ridiculous line. One guy over hears us and ask if we want to go in. Of course, we said yes. “I’m about to bring a group in once my friends get here. I heard your American accents. Where are you guys from? I grew up in Queens.” We start talking to the guy and it ends up he is the former assistant and best friend to Basquiat, himself. Yeah, I know. I’m not kidding.

He takes us into the museum, walking past the line and ticket booth, and gives us a little tour with amazing stories about hanging out with Basquiat, how they would fight over girls and all the drugs they wound up doing.

The exhibit was amazing. I had never seen a Basquiat in person and I was taken back on what a truly talented artist this man really was. So, after hanging out with his assistant in the exhibit, he gives us tips on good places to go and recommends that we go to a bar called Le Pom Pom that night. He ends up meeting us over there later that night…very entertaining to see a 40+ man keeping up with us on the dance floor.

Still can’t believe I was in a one degree seperation of Basquiat. Hands down best night in Paris.



Jourdan Dunn.


Frer 200.