I’m looking at some new photography equipment for a few upcoming projects I want to do.

I want to experiment with portraiture photography with a TLR camera. Not sure if I should go for the modern, cheap BlackBird ones from B&H or get an older, used one off Ebay.

I also need a Lomo camera. Holga or Diana F+? I’ve been researching for a week and still can’t decide!

Last but not least, I need another instant polaroid camera (my other one broke). This might be the easiest to decide. I want a new, modern one but I’m not sure if I should go with Fujifilm or stick with Polaroid. I want it to have a vintage feel to it, but I also need to end up with some quality photographs. I might just get one of each…

& I’m saving up for:

A Large Format Camera. Hopefully, I can get it by October so I can take it to Tanzania with me. Also, not sure if I should go with a used one off Ebay or buy the Toyo-View one from B&H.

So many decisions, so little time…

If anyone has any recommendations/suggestions/opinions please let me know! I want to buy the first three cameras sometime in the next week and I need help making these decisions!


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