Late Night Thoughts…3:42AM
– I’m in the beginning stages of working on this video installation for next month. Very excited about it! Still have lots of ideas/aspects to iron out though. (Sidenote: I’ve been thinking about the idea of filmmaking…it does bridge photography/writing/composing all in one…why havent I ever thought of it before? If I do decide it’s the right move…it’s going to be a very very slow transition).
– Anyway, I’ve been thinking about putting together this sort of “inspiration curriculum” to do over winter break equipped with exploring, reading – lots of reading, writing, studying (film, art, history), and creating, of course.
 – I’ve been thinking about the importance of a brand and developing a photographic style…. I do think it’s really important and almost necessary but the “stop controlling me, I want to be free” Raven is really struggling with it. Sticking to one photographic style for the rest of my life? Sounds controlling. Ugh. Internal dilemmas.
– While we’re on the topic…I’m hoping I find one style that I completely fall in love with and then that’ll be the end of the struggle. But, we all know I go through phases (sorry, I mean evolve). I just know I’ll get bored with it in 5 years…5 months…2 weeks…By the way, I’ve decided to stop calling it “going through phases” and start calling it “evolving”. I think it’s more fitting.
– I really need to start doing yoga again.
– I really really should’ve cleaned my room tonight instead of debating with my friend about the right to protest for two and a half hours. It’s so odd that I think about cleaning now.
-Why do I never have any time?
– I wish I had self discipline…I should add that to my winter break inspiration curriculum.

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